Learn how to plan your video, write a storyboard, add speak,or use call-outs.
During this 1-day workshop, you will learn how to create a video that will help a user understand a simple gadget.

Target audience

The workshop is targeted towards technical communicators or training instructors who can use their skills as communicators to convey a message in a competent and compelling manner.


During the workshop you will become familiar with the following aspects of creating a video:

  • Plan your video
  • Write a powerful storyboard
  • Write speak that complements your recordings
  • Learn best practices from the experienced
  • Explore video production tools
  • Learn how to single-source video contents

You will create a 3-minute video based on the storyboard and speak you have written yourself. You will present your work and get feedback from instructors as well as fellow attendees.


Mette Nyberg

Mette Nyberg

Senior Technical Writer at Schneider Electric A/S, Denmark

Technical communicator for 20+ years

Producer of numerous training videos

Developed award winning documentation and tutorials

Per Frederiksen

Per Frederiksen

Owner and founder of Write2Users

Technical communicator for 20+ years

Extensive experience with online training

Converted physical training into training videos