The company

Steerprop Ltd. develops and sells Azimuth Propulsors to the global maritime market. Combining decades of mechanical and electrical experience with the latest 3D-design software solutions, Steerprop delivers customized solutions to each vessel.

The challenge

The business model also puts a high demand on the user documentation production. Each vessel must have its own, customized set of manuals on board. After having maintained their documentation set in Microsoft Word for many years, Steerprop switched to Madcap Flare about a year ago.

The documentation manager had done a great job in importing Word content, applying conditions to specific content, defining new variables, etc. But after a year, Steerprop felt that they needed some assistance to get to the next level.

Today, the users and service staff have a printed manual at the vessel and an electronic PDF version available. But in the future, Steerprop also wants to deliver a responsive HTML5 version to the documentation users.

The solution

Write2Users suggested an onsite training and implementation workshop in Rauma, Finland. The workshop was completed April 2016 and will help Steerprop fulfill their documentation ambitions. Apart from the training, Write2Users also hosted a general overview session for the Steerprop managers and project managers. This session explained to the layman what is topic based authoring and single sourcing – and how does it help Steerprop.

Armed with full backing from management, the documentation team will now move forward delivering a printed manual, a PDF version and, eventually, an HTML5 version to their users. The move from Word to Flare will also result in significant savings in the time spent on writing/editing manuals. Steerprop also localizes their documentation into different languages. The move to topic based authoring and single sourcing will result in big, big savings in terms of localization costs – and the process will be much more effective than before.

For more information about this project, please contact Per Frederiksen from Write2Users.

Project photos

  • Madcap Flare - General Overview

    Write2Users explains the underlying principles of Madcap Flare.

  • The Documentation Team

    The two engineers responsible for Steerprop’s documentation.

  • Rauma City, the Old Town

    Rauma has a fantastic Old Town with a great, relaxed atmosphere.

  • Rauma River

    A river marks the border of the Old Town.


# of projects1
# of manuals600
# of authors2
# of contributors5
# of languages3
Output formatsPDF and HTML5 planned
Previously usedMicrosoft Word