The whole world is coming to Elsinore because of Per

The Elsinore-company Write2Users has, within a period of four years, put together a conference package at the Culture Yard in Elsinore that attracts people from all around the world.

NEWS: The era of long user guides and complicated expressions might be over. A local business is specialized in making simple and user-friendly instruction manuals, and the tools used in this process are in such a demand, that people from around the globe every year travel to Elsinore in early November to attend the Write2Users Conferences at the Culture Yard.

-The Culture Yard is a great place, that I have always been a huge fan of. We started there by chance, but we have received very positive feedback from our attendees speaking highly of both the Culture Yard and the city of Elsinore, they don’t find it hard to get there either, says Per Frederiksen, CEO and founder of Write2Users.

– We like to support the local community, while it is also practical for me as the office is located in Stengade, the main pedestrian street in Elsinore, just around the corner from the Culture Yard.

Write2Users is a sole proprietorship with two part-time employees.

Three days, three different themes

In 2013, thirty-three participants signed up for the one-day conference. Since then the demand has grown and the conference has been expanded to three days with three different themes.

This year 70 participants from 12 different countries attended the conference, summing up to 110 one-day tickets sold for the three conference days.

And now it gets technical…

– Basically, I got two target groups. The first group is the manual authors and the heads of the documentation department. The other group is the localization managers, who are translation project managers. We got participants who are coming back year after year, but also more and more people learn about us from LinkedIn or the website and Write2Users is getting more known and visible in the industry.

– Our participants are staying at the local hotels, for example Madame Sprunck, says Per Frederiksen, who graduated as an interpreter and translator in English back in 1991.

Manuals in 28 different languages

The company was founded in 2010.

– I started the company in my private home in Ålsgårde. In 2015 we got the office in Stengade, Elsinore, he says.

The company speaks to everyone working with »technical documentation«.

– Back in the days, technical documentation was all about instruction manuals, but now it is so much more than that. Nowadays we find help online in a lot of different forms, pdf files on a website, videos that guide you and so on, the founder explains.

The need for producing manuals is increasing, and companies are likely to publish their manuals in 28 different languages, if they sell on the EU market. This process demands resources and time, and this is the area where Write2Users excel.

– We are building a bridge between the person writing the manual and the one translating it. It is a demanding process, that needs a lot of coordination.

– Journalism is prose, while instruction manuals are more straight to the bone. The language is simpler and the words are used in a way where the authors focus on consistency, not variation.

Source: Nordsjælland (local newspaper), 30/11-2016