Madcap Projects – Overview

Madcap Project Outline


The core business of Write2Users is to help clients get started with Madcap Flare. Based on experience from many projects throughout Scandinavia, W2U has developed a standard model for planning, developing and implementing a turnkey Flare documentation solution. Together with leading Scandinavian experts, W2U can help you with virtually any challenge you run into using Flare.

The five project phases

The standard project model consists of five phases. In each phase the client gets a number of deliverables, plus invaluable coaching in the process. For details of the individual phase, click the icons.

I’m new to Flare – how do I get started?

When you have purchased Madcap Flare or the MadPak Professional Suite, you are probably dying to get started right away. However, it’s a good idea to seek advice from the Flare experts before you dive in. W2U has worked with Flare since 2006, so we have picked up some tips & tricks along the way.

Contact Per Frederiksen from Write2Users to discuss the details of your Madcap project.

I’ve used Flare for some time, but I have some questions

If you have already worked for some time in Flare, you have a good, working knowledge of the product. However, you keep getting new ideas for improvement and also you will run into challenges. This is where our Coaching Clip Card is a great help. You purchase 10 hours of unlimited support and coaching. The hours can be used on physical meetings, online meetings, project assistance, etc. As a W2U client, you can track exactly what the hours are used for in our online invoicing system. Also, W2U will provide documentation for the solutions, if required.

I may want to purchase Flare, but need more information

If you have not purchased Flare yet, but are interested to know more, W2U can offer a 1-hour online demo. Here you will see Flare and Lingo in action – and thus get some more facts on the table before making the final purchasing decision. W2U is also a Certified Madcap Reseller, so we can also help you in the purchasing process.