What is MadCap Mimic?

MadCap Mimic is an easy-to-use software simulation and multimedia tool that lets you create fully interactive movies, videos, simulations, presentations and tutorials of software or systems.

Create Fully Interactive Demos, Videos, Tutorials and Software Simulations

Enhance user experience by incorporating multimedia into your content.

Meet MadCap Mimic

Watch: Meet MadCap Mimic

Versatile Video Creation Tool for Videos, Tutorials and More

MadCap Mimic is ideal for use in technical support, sales and marketing, e-learning and more, offering a wide range of video creation and editing capabilities.

  • Create fully editable, interactive movies of software applications
  • Allow your users to view and listen to demonstrations/presentations and (optionally) interact with simulations
  • Output formats include HTML5, Mimic Movie Format, Microsoft® Silverlight®, Adobe® Flash®, Adobe® AIR®, Adobe® PDF®, and Microsoft® XPS®
  • Import Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations

All videos and tutorials on this website and in the Online Help were created using MadCap Mimic.

Video Creation Tools Screenshot


Choose how you want to record your movie: automatically record the steps a user takes to accomplish a task; manually take a screenshot each step of the way; or record full-motion video.


Decide what your viewers need: add or modify text bubbles, cursor movements, or timing; add objects, music, narration or special effects.


Select the output format and publish your movie.

Powerful Single-sourcing Features

MadCap Software is the only vendor in the industry to allow for maximum content reuse by applying the same rules used for text to movies, callouts and images. By adding variables to callouts for example, there’s no need to recapture or reinsert callouts into your documentation when text or version changes are required.

Mimic has numerous single-sourcing features that save you time and effort by letting you create content once and reuse it in multiple places. This includes:

  • Variables
  • Condition tags
  • Targets
  • Palettes
  • Master frames
  • Frame libraries

Project Conditions and Variable Links: When inserting a Mimic Movie/Project into a Flare project, all of your movie frames and objects have access to the conditions and variables in the Flare project.

MadCap Mimic Single-sourcing Diagram
Madcap Mimic

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