About the workshop

The Madcap Localization Workshop is a 1-day workshop teaching the student how to prepare, translate and publish Madcap Flare projects.
The hands-on exercises are done on the customer’s own projects – or a real-life W2U project.

Target audience

The workshop is designed for Localization Managers, LSPs and technical communicators who want to learn the best practices of localizing Madcap Flare projects.


The agenda includes the following topics. For a PDF version, click the icon upper right on this page.

Topic Learning points
Course Overview
  • Welcome
  • Audience
  • Course Overview
  • Preparing Your Computer for the Course
Writing Content for Localization
  • Plan for localization
  • Write content for localization
  • Simplified Technical English (STE)
  • Terminology management
  • Localizable text in images
  • Localizable text in videos
Customer Case, FSI Powertech ApS
  • FSI Powertech ApS – the company
  • The products
  • The manuals
  • Language versions
  • ROI calculation
Prepare Your Flare Project for Translation
  • Overview of products and manuals
  • Apply File Tags for file status
  • Create variables and variable definitions
  • Prepare Capture files for translation
  • Create snippets for reusable chunks of content
  • Apply conditions for including/excluding content
  • Create targets, batch targets and destinations
  • Design styles to handle page breaks and layout issues
  • Create a Prepare for Translation checklist
  • Exercise 1: Prepare your project for translation
The Translation Workflow
  • Flare project translation workflow
  • File exchange and version control
  • Localization assets for the translator
  • CAT tool options
  • Publishing checklist
  • Exercise 2: Translate, QA and publish your output.
Localization Workflow Summary
  • How to select the right localization service provider (LSP)
  • Overview of word count
  • Leverage translations to new documents using Translation Memory (TM)
  • Alignment between old and existing versions
  • Plan for a language review
  • Write localization guidelines

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Per Frederiksen

Per Frederiksen

Owner and founder of Write2Users

20 years experience in technical communication
Certified Madcap trainer and consultant
Localization Manager since 1997
Software trainer since 1997
Highly Commended Award in eHelp Online Help competition

  • Madcap Flare training in Oslo, March 2016

  • Global Project Linking - illustrated

  • Page Layouts - illustrated

  • CSS - illustrated

  • Madcap Flare training in Modena, Italy - 2014

  • Madcap Flare training in Helsingborg, Sweden - 2014