What is Madcap Flare?

Madcap Flare is your one-stop authoring system for structured publications. Flare is a very powerful, versatile and feature-rich authoring package which allows you to reduce the time spent on creating and maintaining your valuable company or product content.

Flare is being used by thousands of technical communicators/writers all over the world for designing and writing technical documentation. Flare allows the communicators to be very effective and innovative when creating online help and printed documentation. Some of the main features are:

  • Single sourcing – use variables, snippets and conditions to handle many products in one project
  • Multi-platform output – create online help, PDF, printed documentation from one source
  • Stylesheets – design the Flare stylesheet to handle multiple outputs

Typical use cases

Flare is typically being used to produce:

  • Online help – responsive output for desktop, tablets and smartphones
  • Printed documentation – PDF output ready for printing with crop marks, etc.
  • PDF files – output complete with TOC and cross-references
  • Knowledgebases – featuring TOC, Index and Search
  • Requirement specifications
  • Employee handbooks
  • Intranet sites – Sharepoint output supported
Madcap Flare
  • Madcap Flare Training

    Per Frederiksen from Write2Users is a Certified Flare Instructor and will guide new and experienced users through the many powerful feautures of Flare.

  • Madcap Flare Coaching

    Use Write2Users as your personal trainer and coach when starting up with the Madcap tools.

Available from 999 USD.

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Feature list

VariablesVariables are used to single source product names, company name, manual type, version numbers, etc.
SnippetsA snippet is a reusable chunk of content. A typical example of a snippet is a warning, a note, etc.
ConditionsA condition can be applied to content to either show or hide the conditionalized content in a given publication.
Stylesheet (CSS)The Flare stylesheet is also single sourced. You can design the look-and-feel of online help, printed doc and PDF files in one stylesheet.
TopicsA Flare project relies on topic-based authoring. This means that the author creates short, focused topics which can then be assembled in one or more TOCs, for example, for several products in a product portfolio.
Global project linkingThe content of multiple Flare projects can be linked together. Typically, the author will create one master project with all the shared elements (variables, snippets, conditions, stylesheet, etc.) and reuse the shared elements in any project he creates. If he needs to modify a shared element, it is modified in the master project and the change will be distributed to all the child projects.