Madcap Analyzer

Madcap Analyzer is a project analysis and reporting tool that scans the Flare project and helps find and fix issues with the project, including:

    • Broken Links
    • Duplicate Styles in Style Sheets
    • Duplicate TOC Items
    • Broken Image Links
    • Broken Bookmarks
    • Undefined Variables, Condition Tags, File Tags and Conditions
    • Non-XML Topics and More

This will allow you to reduce the time spent on troubleshooting and besides give you valuable information about used and unused items including:

    • Snippets
    • Topics
    • Styles
    • Variables
    • Map IDs
    • Images and More

And give you qualified content suggestions to these.

Based on the above you can create reports, including reports based on statistical data to visualize your content quality and degree of reuse.

Analyzer is easily implemented and ready to use, view the Analyzer workflow:

Open Your Flare Project

    • Analyzer scans your project for issues and problems.
    • Locate the Critical Issues
    • Critical issues in your project are listed on the Analyzer Summary.
    • Review Suggestions and Accept Changes
    • Review suggestions and determine changes to optimize your project content.
    • Create Reports
    • Generate any number of reports from the information in Analyzer to share with your team.

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