The Write2Users Coaching Clip Card provides:

  • Unlimited online coaching
  • Unlimited e-mail support
  • Unlimited phone support

This provides the customer with coherent, uninterrupted coaching and support when starting up with Madcap Flare.

You prepay 10 hours of support and coaching at a time. This works as a clip card where hours are registered and subtracted for the full amount of hours purchased.

For larger projects, a detailed estimate of time consumption will be provided.

Another advantage for European customers is that Write2Users will be available from 9 – 16 every day, whereas access to Madcap Technical Support is only available late in the afternoon.

Write2Users has extensive experience with the use of Madcap, import of content from other systems, multiuser challenges, stylesheet design and much more.

Getting Started with Madcap Flare

Starting to use Madcap Flare is like driving a car. Although you have your driver’s license, you’re still not an excellent driver.

Although you have purchased Madcap Flare and attended the 3-day basic training workshop, you are still not an experienced Flare user. It all comes with experience and trial-and-error.

However, if you use Write2Users as your coach, the startup process will be faster and smoother. Some of your questions may be:

  • How do I customize the Flare user interface to my needs?
  • How do I use Madcap Capture, Mimic and Analyzer in conjunction with Flare?
  • How do I structure my Flare projects?
  • Do I need a new Flare project for every help file I create?

Importing content

One of the big challenges in switching your help authoring environment is to make sure that you can import your existing content. This process can be very time-consuming, if you do not take it seriously and plan it carefully.

There will always be upcoming deadlines, so a phased approach to importing content makes good sense. Importing all the content in one short process is a very big mouthful and will often end in a maintenance nightmare. Instead, use the smart import features in Flare to gradually import the content. Also, many customers will grab the opportunity and will review the existing content. Rewriting content can be a very effective exercise, both for the original language and the localized languages.

In this phase, some of your questions may be:

  • How can I import my Robohelp projects?
  • How can I import and link my Framemaker projects?
  • How can I import and link my Word content?
  • How can I import XML or HTML files into Flare?

The import process can be tuned, adapted and automated to a high extent. Write2Users has extensive experience in automating this process.