Madcap Case Studies

The customer cases below show the versatility of the use of Flare and should help potential new clients understand the value which W2U adds to tech writing teams which take in Madcap Flare.

Schneider Electric A/S, Denmark

This case study has been written by Mette Nyberg, Senior Technical Writer at Schneider Electric A/S, Denmark.

When you know you are right – go for it. This presentation is about a 15 year old journey (or rather challenge) to leverage the contents of product documentation in training material. In other words – apply single sourcing.

In the early days of single sourcing (like the mid-90s) you were all dressed up and nowhere to go. Meaning that you could go the whole 9 yards to make your content as structured and effective as possbile – but applying single sourcing was still a matter of copy pasting the text from one output to the next. Not exactly the most efficient way of working.

When Flare was introduced to the market, single soucing immediately got a different flavor. Now it was possible to do real single sourcing making use of the features in Flare such as conditions, variables, snippets. Technical communicators also started to think more in terms of task based documentation rather than writing page after page .These tasks were described in topics and these topics could be reused in multiple projects.

Technical communicators are more or less used to adopting new methods and making paradigm shifts. This may not be true for everybody in an organization, especially when writing or developing contents is not the core competency. Mette Nyberg has worked with training instructors for many years trying to make them see the benefits of single sourcing between product documentation and training material. This presentation first made at the MadCap User Forum in Elsinore, November 2013 explains how new concepts such as single sourcing can be hard to grasp for non-technical writers. But it is also a tale of what can eventually happen if you keep believing that what you do is the right thing.

Otometrics A/S, Denmark

Otometrics has been using Madcap Flare for their technical documentation production since 2010. A large volume of FrameMaker projects were converted into Flare and numerous new projects have been added since. At the time of writing (July 2014), Otometrics has 260 Flare projects, most of them translated into 17 languages. Within a foreseeable future, this number increases to about 400 Flare projects and the number of languages increases to 24.

With such a high volume and so many languages, Otometrics has optimized and automated the entire documentation process with Flare. Not only are they using Flare’s powerful single sourcing features, but they have also created custom code using FinalBuilder and integration code to Perforce.

Read more in the case study below, first presented at Madworld 2013 by Thomas Bro-Rasmussen, Localization Manager at Otometrics A/S.

Optimarin AS, Norway

This project was started in 2011. Optimarin approached W2U and explained that they had a lot of Word documents and a high volume of the content was shared in all documents. But due to the nature of Word, they could not achieve any single sourcing. Optimarin thought that there must be single sourcing tools out there and searched the internet. Along came Madcap and the rest is history. Read the case study to see how Optimarin could still fulfill the need for individual manuals for each client without compromising the single sourcing concept of the project.