Alchemy Catalyst, Localization Management System

Alchemy Catalyst V11 Released – Stronger Than Ever

Alchemy Catalyst, Localization Management System

Alchemy Catalyst, Localization Management System

Alchemy Catalyst is a powerful, flexible and feature-rich Localization Management System designed for organisations with large volumes of localizable content.

The main target audience for Catalyst is software development teams and Localization Managers. With Catalyst, localization management can be streamlined and automated to an extent which is not available in other products on the market.

Catalyst is a pioneer in visual localization which means that Localization Engineers and Translators can view the translated User Interface while they work with the translation.

Alchemy Catalyst V11 was released in December 2014 and adds an impressive list of new features to the package. New features include:

  • XLIFF export / import – allows translators to use other CAT tools for inputting translations
  • All Microsoft Office formats supported now (DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX added)
  • Adobe PDF support added
  • Adobe Indesign support addeed (IDML)
  • Ribbon UI added to speed up user efficiency
  • Term Harvesting feature significantly improved
  • Translation Memory penalty factor now available
  • Leverage source details – where did the TM hit come from? What is its translation status (approved, review, leveraged, etc.)
  • Pseudo Translate Expert significantly improved with specific expansion control for different segment lengths

Read more about Alchemy Catalyst here.

If you need more information or want an online demo of Catalyst, feel free to contact Per Frederiksen from Write2Users by phone +45 53 55 31 40 or e-mail at