Alchemy Catalyst

What is Alchemy Catalyst?

Alchemy Catalyst is a powerful, flexible and feature-rich Localization Management System designed for organisations with large volumes of localizable content.

Catalyst is a pioneer in visual localization which means that Localization Engineers and Translators can view the translated User Interface while they work with the translation.

The main target audience for Catalyst is software development teams and Localization Managers. With Catalyst, localization management can be streamlined and automated to an extent which is not available in other products on the market.

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Catalyst Editions

  • Developer Pro

    Developer Pro is used by development teams to

    • parse source files
    • prepare source files for translation
    • lock content not intended to be localized
    • pseudo-translate software to detect localization issues
    • automate the build process for localized software versions
  • Localizer

    The Localizer edition is used by Localization Managers to:

    • consolidate and validate projects to be translated
    • lock and freeze localization objects not to be translated
    • add localization resources to assist translators
    • pre-translate using existing Translation Memories
    • calculate estimated prices of the translations
  • Translator Pro

    The Translator Pro edition is used by the translator to:

    • translate the content of Catalyst projects
    • validate the dialog layout of software applications
    • create bi-lingual termbases
    • annotate translation segments for follow-up
  • Translator Lite

    The Translator Lite edition is a FREE version of Catalyst which can be distributed to all translators, when the project has been created in Developer Pro.

    The functionality is similar to Translator Pro, but some features are limited.

File types supported

The following file types are supported by Alchemy Catalyst V11:

Software resources

  • Compiled binary files (EXE, DLL)
  • Resource files (BAML, XAML, RESX, RC, JAVA)
  • Visual Studio files (CSPROJ, VBPROJ, VCPROJ, VCXPROJ)

Documentation and marketing 

  • IDML (Indesign files)
  • Office formats (DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX)
  • FM (Framemaker)
  • Madcap Flare projects (native support – auto parsing)

XML files

  • Madcap Flare source files (FLTOC, FLVAR, FLGLO)
  • User defined parsing rules can be set up for each type

Text files

  • TXT, CSS, Header files
  • User defined parsers can be defined for each file type

Database files

  • OLE DB sources (SQL queries)
  • MS Access databases (MDBX)
  • MS Excel files (XLSX)

Multimedia content


Mobile formats

  • APK (Android Application Packages incl. preview)

Packaged formats

  • ZIP
  • PDF